Event Policy

Venture Café aims to provide a venue and a supportive environment for building trust relationships and sharing information (see the “Venture Café Credo“).  In an effort to be a responsible member of the community and to serve entrepreneurs and innovators, we are documenting general guidelines for hosting events at the Café.

This is a living document, and it may change as we learn about what is needed to make Venture Café events work and serve the community in the best way.


- Visit the Café at least once before requesting to host an event. Event hosts or sponsors should understand what the Venture Café is about before running an event there.

- Design your event to bring in interesting people who will enrich the experience for all participants.

- Work with the Venture Café organizers to ensure a match of event to Venture Café calendar, capacity and mission.

- If you are a commercially-oriented organization, arrange for a non-profit or social benefit-oriented organization to host the event.  For example, a mobile technology company could sponsor an event run by a Mobile Mondays.  Our Partners page lists past hosts.

- If you plan on bringing food, please remember to bring enough for everyone (200 plus servings) and check with the Events Coordinator first!


- Don’t be in “sell” mode. Act as you would if invited to a dinner party. Please do not bring signs (one will be provided for your event) and limit the number of handouts.

- Don’t make the event about you and your company: instead, make it about the technology field and the opportunities for innovation within it.

- If you meet people, follow up if you made a connection, but apply the dinner party rule to how you follow up.

We are seeking to create a new and different kind of venue for people to meet and engage in fresh and useful conversations.  You will be welcome at the Venture Café to the extent you further the mission.

Please contact Andrew Singleton, the Events Coordinator, if you are interested in holding an event in the Café.

Connecting the Innovation Community