Venture Cafe Week in Review: May 10 – 16

Last week was a busy one for the students in the Boston area, for those finishing theses and graduating, as well as an exciting one for MIT entrepreneurs with the MIT $100K Business Plan Contest Finale on Wednesday. Congratulations to the soon-to-be graduates, all the $100K Track Winners and the Grand Prize winner, C-Crete Technologies! (Full disclosure: Organizing MIT $100K events is one of my “hats”.) As part of the 20th anniversary, the $100K team put together some very entertaining videos, including one starring one of our favorite regulars, Mr. Joost Bonsen that you can see here.

In Venture Cafe this week we were excited to be able to offer a new feature, draught beer, with our first offerings being Sam Adams Summer Ale and Kona Brewing Co. Fire Rock Pale Ale (Hawaii). If you have suggestions for future selections, please email or comment below.

In Office Hours, NEVCA hosted Dave Barrett and Amir Nashat for fully subscribed one-on-ones, and we were pleased to have another Polaris partner, Bob Metcalfe, as a surprise guest in the cafe! Who knows who’ll come next week…

As an incentive for participants to connect their LinkedIn profiles, this week our shout-outs will be to them. Connect yours, visit the cafe and you might see your name here! (While the number with LinkedIn profiles connected is currently small, 32 people checked in at the cafe this week!)

Jia Ji, working on ““, MIT $100K Twitch winner!

- Katie Meurin, working on “Custom Software Development and Mobile Applications”

- Chris Turner, Cafe regular, (@bigdataguy), working on “ruby, big data, aws”, also a C3 client

- Matthew Glidden, active member on Venture Cafe development team, working on “catching up on café news and plotting the podcast”

- Matt Hodgson, active member on Venture Cafe development team, working on “video transcription, netflix for artwork, a stock market for sports, and disease management”

Thanks to all the cafe participants for joining us last week and we hope to see you again soon!